Cryptofication of financial institutions and banks

The Cryptofication of Financial Institutions

With cryptocurrency taking the world by storm, it is little surprise to hear that financial institutions such as banks are beginning to respond to this trend. In other words, the cryptofication of banks is officially in full swing. American Banker surveyed one hundred and seventy-five top financial executives to better understand how many banks are taking […]

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Decentralized Finance Technology

DeFi-Decentralized Finance Technology

Decentralized finance, widely known as DeFi, have you heard about this collective term when talking about cryptocurrency investment? As our lives become more and more immersed in technology, certain traditions are being done away with. Much like every industry out there, banking is embracing technology. From online banking, we have come a long way, which […]

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microfinance solution

Microfinance – Is It a Better Solution?

Microfinance or microcredit is considered the best solution to help alleviate poverty among those low-income families or help small business owners to thrive and survive.  But the question is- does microfinance actually work as a sustainable solution? Let’s have a brief look at it. For many, escaping poverty requires more resources than they have access […]

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