Full transaction management & value advisory services

Know your next step

We are involved in private equity and venture capital investments in sectors that drive the Canadian & Global economy. Our clients range from early-stage start-ups and mid-market companies to large, strategic players in various industries.


We have experience & processes in place to understand a business. We conduct an independent assessment of numerous factors; products, markets, clients, and market share; the business’s financial history and future prospects; and the professional gravitas of the senior management and key employees.


We conduct a due diligence risk assessment in anticipation of your company’s future sale, merger, acquisition, or financing transaction. We assess your internal controls, operational and strategic drivers, and market focus with the aim of having your company transaction-ready so that you can maximize your enterprise value.


We identify, value, and guide decisions on business growth strategies, strategic alternatives, capital sourcing, and allocation. We also focus on operational improvements that impact the bottom line because not all investment opportunities are created equal, and investment can only be calculated after evaluating its pros and cons in comparison with the available alternatives.

We assist qualifying companies in putting together a comprehensive going public strategy that meets the needs of the business. Going public, either directly through an IPO or through a reverse merger, can create a liquidity and/or exit strategy for existing management and shareholders as well as provide the business with a platform to raise capital for growth and or acquisitions.

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