natural gas

Natural Gas – Is there a Future for this Energy Source?

Natural Gas as the Viable Option Natural gas has been long thought of as a viable option to improve decarbonization even though the general state of the energy industry is in constant flux, from changing oil prices to the rise of more affordable renewable energy. As such, it is likely that it is not going […]

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The impact of free trade

Free Trade – Is It a Better Solution?

Free trade is a policy that allows two countries to trade their goods with few restrictions or limitations.  Literally, it is the unrestricted importing and exporting of goods and services between countries. In the policy, no tariffs, taxes or duties on imports and exports are imposed by the involved governments. In March, President Donald Trump […]

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Virtual Power Plant Image Cover

Efficient Virtual Power Plants Explained

 Virtual Power Plants (VPP) Explained An increasingly networked world has given rise to more decentralized power infrastructure. These virtual power plants (VPPs)  are made up of remotely-managed smaller units, many of which make use of renewable energy. Virtual power plants provide a degree of flexibility unheard of in traditional plants, allowing for easier management not […]

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