M&A Advisory

At Twilight Capital, we work with you through all stages of the process, from elevating solutions to assessing potential targets & acquirers. We have significant strategic and operational experience. We cover mergers, acquisitions, special committee advisory, including proposal evaluation and negotiations. What will you get from Twilight Capital is our world-class M&A advisory services

Multi-Sector Experience & Coverage

We have collaborated and worked with numerous business leaders across a range of industries; our expertise is in special situations with a focus on natural resources, technology & healthcare. And that’s how Twilight Capital is at work to select clients on a global scale.

Process Driven Services

Our ability to deliver exceptional, insightful, and unique analytics is the foremost competitive advantage of Twilight Capital. We leverage global networks to identify opportunities that ensure that multiple participants are engaged to maximize the value of a transaction while maintaining strict confidentiality.

Mergers and Acquisition Advisory Firm- Twilight Capital

Our Advisory & Investment Expertise at Twilight Capital

  • Our M&A methodology is based on professionalism, persistence, superb negotiation, and execution with in-depth experience in various sectors.
  • Proven success in identifying, engaging and closing domestic as well as foreign transactions.

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