What Can Twilight Capital Do For You?

Twilight Capital is an advisory firm that provides the best amount of value to all our clients by managing the entire transaction process from beginning to end. With our proven expertise and effective methodologies, our clients can assure that we value your business with integrity.

Services that we offer:

Mergers and Acquisitions

What are the considerations about selling your company? We at Twilight Capital will guide you to key issues to successfully navigate a sale of your company. Issues on legal, human resources, business, financial and intellectual properties are entailed in the process of mergers and acquisitions involving privately held companies.M&A Financial advisory services

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Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

Capital Market Advisory

Do you want to turn your business idea into a scalable business? Then you will need advice from the viewpoint of gaining sustainable profit. With legal strategy incorporated in the process, you will be able to maximize long-term profit and ease various legal risks.

Twilight Capital is committed to guiding you to make appropriate decisions and support the growth of startup companies. Choose priority areas to focus on the stage of development and realize long-term benefits.

Capital Market Advisory Service

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Capital Market Advisory


Do you want to securitize your assets? Let our analyst take you to the securitization process and help you raise funds for your business.

Here in Twilight Capital, we help you achieve capital markets transactions. We provide advice on the creation of transaction structures, the resolution of legal problems, the negotiation with various parties and regulators in Canada. We are engaged in the execution of agreed procedures on the securitization of new issues related to different structured-backed securities products.


M&A for Securitizations

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Securitization Transactions

Nikolas Perrault CFA BadgeWe are an expert team with due diligence to provide assistance for mergers and acquisitions and other venture capital market advisory services effectively.  Twilight Capital as an established firm,  has several years of experience in reviewing documents and assisting processes of various clients, including the most difficult of the cases. Meet Nikolas C. Perrault, CFA, for your consulting needs.

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